Want to buy accessories for the brewery?

The reliability of mini breweries of the company "Micro Brew" can not be doubted. Their service life exceeds tens of years, but some components for the brewery are subject to severe physical deterioration. This leads to unsteady work, a violation of the technological process of brewing beer or other non-regular situations.

In order to ensure the nominal operating mode of the mini-brewery, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the equipment, and, if necessary, to change parts and other components.

The company "Micro Brew" produces and sells components for beer equipment at a reasonable price. Spare parts for beer coolers, pumps, tanks, control units and other components are manufactured in our factory in Switzerland, so they have impeccable quality.

In addition, you can find the following types of equipment to increase the production capacity of the brewery in our catalog:

  • Cylindreconical fermentation tanks of  ZKG type.
  • Bright beer tanks of  LT type.
  • Open type fermenters FT.
  • Fermentation tanks of  GT type.

Want to buy reliable and high-quality components for brewing equipment? Then call us right now. You will get everything you need in the shortest possible time, thereby reducing the downtime of your own production.  

Technical support:
You can contact us by regional number 8 800 200-6168 or write directly to the technical department