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Hops - one of the mandatory ingredients for brewing beer. The plant has a delicate aroma, gives beer a noble bitterness. Hops make the taste of the drink rich and bright.

Hops are used for home and industrial brewing. There are huge varieties of plants. Each has its own flavor. The smell of some plants is barely noticeable, while others, on the contrary, have a strong, rich bouquet.

Beer hop is sold in dry granules (made by processing cones). The granules retain all substances contained in hops, including A-acid and humulons. The qualitative composition of the granules depends on the plant variety used in the production.

Why is hops added to beer?

Hops have a high content of active substances, which have a positive impact on the quality of beer. Adding hops provides:

  • Good foaming. Beer, which used to produce quality hops, has a lush, firm foam.
  • Magnificent aromatic qualities. Hops have a high content of aromatic substances. It forms a subtle, refined flavor of the drink.
  • Appearance of bitter notes. Hops are characterized by a significant content of A-acids. These substances give the drink a noble bitterness. The level of A-acids directly depends on the plant variety.
  • Conjugate the unwanted proteins of the wort. The dry granules contain tannins, which help remove unwanted elements from the wort. The taste of the drink becomes softer and more pleasant.
  • Conservation. Hops are an excellent natural preservative. It ensures the preservation of the taste of the product for a long period of time. In addition, the enzymes of the plant prevent the reproduction of microorganisms.

Adding quality hops to the composition of beer is a guarantee of high consumer characteristics of the drink.

The process of beer hopping

According to the classic recipe, during the production of beer, hop is added several times:
  • First step. The bulk of the pellets is used to prepare the wort. Adding hops is done according to the recipe.
  • Second step. 20-30 minutes before the end of the preparation of the solution, a second batch of hop is added. This is done to fix a special hop flavor.
  • Third step. 5 minutes before the final batch of granules is filled. The beer has a rich flavor.

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