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Raw materials for beer

The taste characteristics of beer largely depend on the quality of raw materials used in its preparation. Aromatic hop and fragrant malt will give the drink a unique taste. If the brewer decides to use a damp grain, sugar and household yeast, you can forget about a soft and pleasant drink.

In our store, quality raw materials for beer are presented. The range of products include imported and domestic production. Products for home and industrial brewing are being sold.

Hops, malt and yeast. What is their role in the preparation of beer?

Each ingredient used in brewing plays a role. Below we will consider in detail the main raw materials used for the production of beer:

  • Hops. One of the main components used in the preparation of wort. Hops give beer a soft bitterness and a pleasant aroma. Hops contain tannins, which help to coagulate unwanted proteins of wort.
  • Malt. Malt grains are used for cooking malt. Barley is cleaned, undergoes a disinfection procedure, and then soaked. The average barley sprouting time is 6-9 days. The final stage is the drying of barley. Barley can be dried under natural conditions, or by means of a special chamber. Dry grains are cleared of germs. After that they can be used for making beer. Properly germinated barley contains many useful substances, including macronutrients and vitamins.
  • Water. Brewing uses pure, natural water. To prepare wort, you can not use liquid from a faucet. This water contains a lot of bactericidal substances. They have a negative effect on the taste of beer, reduce the intensity of fermentation.
  • Yeast. To produce beer it is necessary to use special yeast of high quality. Yeast for baking bread will not work. They do not contain substances capable of providing stable fermentation in their composition. In addition, household yeast is not the best way to affect the taste of beer.

Qualitatively brewed beer contains many useful substances, it has a rich taste. The composition of the drink includes vitamins B1 and B2, selenium, nicotinic acid. Moderate drinking of beer stimulates the kidneys, improves the work of the heart, raises the mood.

Buying raw materials in our store, you can brew beer, which has great taste. Only fresh products are on sale. We can send goods anywhere in Russia.

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