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Malt is the main ingredient for making beer. It gives the drink a special flavor and aroma. Malt is made from sprouted seeds of barley, wheat, oats. The most popular is barley malt. It is quite cheap, it is presented in a wide range. Barley malt gives the drink a great taste and a delicate consistency. It is used in breweries, as well as in domestic production.

The quality of the malt directly corresponds to the characteristics of the beer. The use of substandard grain will negatively affect the taste of the drink. The finished product will have a short shelf life and low consumer characteristics.

How the malting of beer is performed?

Getting malt from the grain is a long and responsible process. Malting is made at the profile enterprises. The use of specialized equipment makes it possible to obtain high-quality malt for beer, completely ready for use.

Addition is carried out in several stages:

  • Preparation of grain. The incoming raw materials are thoroughly cleaned. Removal of third-party elements (dust, dirt) and disinfection is carried out.
  • Soaking and germination. Raw material is placed in water of a certain temperature. The germination process is controlled by automation.
  • Drying. Sprouted grains are dried, cleaned from sprouts and sent to storage.

The specificity of production depends on the grade of malt to be obtained: light, dark, or burnt.

Preparation of barley malt

Before sending to the compound, the barley is sieved through a sieve, washed. The purified raw material is soaked in water at a temperature of 13 to 17 degrees. The fluid changes every 8 hours. The duration of the germination procedure is from 5 to 8 days.

The germinated grains are sent for drying. Dried barley malt is packed in pre-prepared containers.

It is important to note that only ground malt can be used for brewing beer. Grinded grains must have a certain fraction. It is not allowed that the beer crushed malt was like flour. The use of such raw materials will negatively affect the quality of the final product.

Where can you buy malt cheaply?

Using the services of our store, you can buy quality malt without extra surcharges. The cost of production is low, the products are delivered directly from the manufacturer. Different grades are on sale. Presented products for industrial production of beer, as well as solutions for private breweries.

To find out what the price for malt is, and also to apply for a purchase, it is enough to contact our managers. Specialists will acquaint the buyer with the range of products and will accept the order.

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